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The shoulder is one of the most impressive parts of the body because of the things that it can do. The impressive range of motions on the shoulder are produced by its structure and rotator cuff muscles. Shoulder injuries are also very common and very few people understand why they occur. The most common injuries on the rotator cuffs are impingements and tears. An impingement injury occurs when the soft tissue on the rotator cuff is swollen or inflamed. On the other hand, tears on the rotator cuff occur when the muscles on the rotator cuff tear. The tear can be minor or sever. See page to get started.

There are many reasons why rotator cuffs get injured. To begin with, the shoulder area is tendinous in nature and it receives little blood supply. Since the shoulder area receives little blood supply, the rotator muscles also receive less oxygen and nutrients. All this makes the rotator muscles vulnerable to degeneration. Shoulder problems become more intense as one age because of the poor blood circulation. This also means that the shoulder injuries take longer to heal. The second most common cause of rotator cuff injuries is too much exertion on the tendons on the shoulder. This can take place when someone is lifting heavy things and the force applied on the arm is in an awkward position.

There are many ways to determine if you have a rotator cuff injury. The most common symptom is pain on the shoulders. The pain experienced can is mostly vague, meaning that one cannot easily pinpoint the part of the shoulder that is hurting. A rotator cuff injury also makes the shoulder weak which results in the inability to raise the arm above the head. With larger tears, it is even more difficult for one to lift their arm. Read more about this here.

Dealing with rotator cuff injuries is as simple as preventing it from happening. Prevention of shoulder injuries begins with stretching as well as strengthening the shoulder joint. Whenever you are going to do some exercise, it is also recommended that you do the correct warm up. Doing so prepares the muscles for the activities to come. It is also important to increase the flexibility of the muscles and this can be achieved by performing the rotator cuff stretches. Rotator cuff injuries are more common than most people think and it is important to ensure that you are well prepared to avoid shoulder injuries that might reduce your productivity.


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Rotator Cuff Injuries and How to Prevent Them